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Jay Mooers
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Here's a taste of the lore around "Autumn Grey"

Fae basics: Fae, for all intensive purposes are immortal. The elements (fire, water, earth, and wind) have taken favor to their souls and pulled them out of the mortal coil. Sometimes, it is just one element, but the most powerful of Fae are endowed with multiple elements. These elements protect them and punish those who would do them harm.

A Fae’s name (their real one that they tend to keep secret) is it’s most precious soul possession. When a Fae is in good standing in Fairy society and is physically destroyed, it’s body may be born again almost immediately. When a Fairy has tarnished it’s name and done horrible acts.. when it’s destroyed, years or centuries could pass before it is given permission to return again. And even worse, some fae are not welcomed back for eons, leaving them in a dark limbo for ages upon ages. A Fae fears this existence more than almost anything else.

When a Fae’s name is learned by someone, that person can have power over that fae, for better or worse. The one who calls the Fae by it’s real name and the Fae are connected. And the elements are crossed between the two.

When a Fae is killed physically, the elements that protected that Fae may fall in ill-favor with the one that killed it. If a water sprite was killed by a man, the man would fall out of favor with the element of water and be cursed. It would rain only on the worst days for it. Drinks would taste bitter, or make one ill. Currents would always go in the wrong direction etc...

If someone is so horrible that they fall out of favor with every element, then they are not protected by the world around them anymore. Darkness will surround them and they will be consumed by the reapers, creatures that lurk in every dark place in the world. When they find an unprotected soul, they will consume it.

Reapers prove to be the only real way a Fae can be killed. When a Fae is devoured by a reaper, their soul is eliminated. They cease to exist in any way. Their name is gone. (It is believed that reapers were created by Twilas during the high point of her reign to insure Fae’s would not kill Fae’s. But some believe she created them to protect herself. If she was to be killed, (being in high favor of all the elements) any who plotted her demise would be abandoned by the elements and devoured.)

Under Twilas’ rule, passing between the human world and Avalon was commonplace, and the chaos it caused gave Twilas great power over her sisters. Dawn and Lunella overthrew their sister with the rise of Christianity and locked her away in Tir-Nag-Og, in fear that her seductive abilities would enable her to take control again. Twilas is still able to make her words known to Fae and convince them to cross over, creating chaos and giving her some power.

Her sisters in response made it a criminal offense of execution and a severely tarnished name for any who crossed into the human world. So it was a rare occasion indeed should any cross over. And then a Truant would be sent to hunt the Fae down and destroy it. Truants were usually criminals who were seeking to clear their names. (this is risky however since the Fae who does the killing may fall in ill-favor with the elements that protect the Fae that crossed over.

Glossary of Terms

Avalon: the enchanted world, home of the Fae

Blight: A fae curse

Charm: something that enchants and distracts a Fae (music or trinkets for example)

Druid: people who are aware and in contact with Fatum

Fae: A fatum from Avalon

Fatum: any creature blessed by at least one of the four elements

Femme Fatales: human women enchanted by an element

Glamour: simple illusion magic (appearing human for example)

Tir-Nag-Og: the sealed dark chambers of Avalon

Truant: A Fae that enforces laws

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Jay Mooers
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Here's a bit of info on the three queens.

Dawn (mother of day) is one of the 3 mothers of Avalon. She is obsessed with material possessions. shiny things. She is loud and likes to play pranks.

Lunella (mother of night) is one of the 3 mothers of Avalon. She hides in darkness is loves thought, creativity, art and music. She is rather shy but very strong willed.

Twilas (mother of chaos) is one of the 3 mothers of Avalon. She likes the unbridled fury of chaos. Dreams. Seductive. She believes that pain and pleasure go hand in hand. She will be your best friend then turn on you. Her pranks can be deadly. She was overthrown by her sisters and awaits her chance to return to real power.

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