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Click the image to download your FREE A Planet's Cry teaser comic!

Written by Kristi McDowell and illustrated by Jay Mooers, A Planet's Cry is a six-part sci-fi/fantasy adventure series that follows a band of time-displaced heroes on their quest to save the world. The reader is transported from medieval Ireland to Renaissance Europe to a dystopian Japanese future as an Irish druid, old West gunslinger, pre-Colonial English pirate, Japanese schoolboy, and a couple of Romani nomads work to protect the planet from humanity's own efforts to destroy it.

Appropriate for sci-fi/fantasy lovers 15 and older, A Planet's Cry is on sale in our store.

"The story is compelling. You're going to enjoy the artwork. The artwork is very different from the normal comic sense and yet is incredibly compelling as well." The Dome, Sci-Fi Saturday Night

"A Planet’s Cry is dashing fantasy story about heroes and adventure and all manner of badassery." Sean Mills, Henchman-4-Hire
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