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Click the image to download your FREE Autumn Grey teaser book!

     Meet Kara Grey, a young girl stepping awkwardly into the shoes of adulthood. She feels abandoned by her father, her best friend, and everyone else she knows, or thought she knew. Greenglen is a small town, and Kara feels completely separate from it. Her only solace is hiding away in the wilderness of Eden Park.

    But Eden Park is not what it seems. Druids, monsters, and fairies lurk just beyond the human gaze. This place has become their sanctuary. If they were to be discovered, they would be hunted down by a truant, or fairy killer. It is against fairy law to exist in the human world unlike in days of old.

     There is a silent truce between the magical and mortal worlds. That careful balance is destroyed when a new creature arrives, with a terrible agenda.

     Now Kara’s life will change forever. As will the lives of those closest to her.

Digital copies of the first issue are available on Comixology and LuLu while print versions can be ordered in our store. Suitable for fantasy lovers ages 15 and up.

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