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     Bloodlines: Wings of War is a new graphic novel project brought to you by the creative minds behind Illweed, Autumn Grey, and A Planet's Cry. Wings of War will consist of six issues, retelling the first half of the beloved stage play Bloodline: Royal Pursuits.

      The empire is in turmoil. Emperor Hu is destroying the birds' homes and driving them to move away from the castle. Jae, an innocent, is forced from her home by the mammal soldiers that once protected them. Dangerous characters lurk around every corner as the birds flee to the mountains, where hope manifests itself in a mystical lunatic, Corva. The winds have been whispering secrets to her. She knows that the dreamers will be returning.

      Bloodlines is a series of fantasy adventures that were originally created for stage and premiered by "The Company Theatre Productions" in Haverhill, MA. Bloodline: Royal Pursuits and Bloodline: Dark Relations started the saga in a limited stage setting. Now, with the endless possibilities available in the graphic novel form, the full scope of Bloodlines can be realized.

      We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign very soon to help fund our new project. We will be updating the progress on everything "Bloodlines" here, so keep checking back! Thanks for all your support!

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