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Title: Autumn Grey

Issues: 4 of 12

Name of Creators: Story and art by Jay Mooers, edited by Kristi McDowell

Synopsis: Autumn Grey is a fantasy adventure taking place in Eden Park where magical creatures, such as fairies, trolls, and dragons, go to hide. Seasons of Eden, a four part series with twelve issues each, explores the repercussions of those creatures living in such close proximity to humankind. Each 12 issues covers a season through a year. In the first season, Autumn Grey, we find Simon, a servant of the fairy queens crafting a local girl, Kara, into a fairy-killing weapon and law enforcer for the queens. Kara, and her best friend Melody (a strong fairy in disguise), become mortal enemies.

Intended Audience: Teen and up

Format: b&w, 36 pages, 6 5/8”x10 ¼” (standard American comic size)

Retail Price: $4.99

Country of Origin: USA

Ship Date: (flexible)

Order Increase Cut-off: (flexible)

UPC Code: 700424367474

Welcome to Eden Park Tales, home of Autumn Grey and A Planet's Cry, two fantasy comic books, and Illweed, a new fairy tale novella. Founded in 2013 by Jay Mooers and Kristi McDowell, Eden Park Tales offers an alternative to the standard superhero comic books and rehashed fairy tales being retold ad nauseum. Featuring unforgettable characters and unique adventures, the Eden Park Tales library is sure to have a story to entertain in any demographic.

Title: A Planet’s Cry

Issues: 1 of 6

Name of creators: Story by Kristi McDowell, art by Jay Mooers

Synopsis: A Planet’s Cry follows the adventures of six time-displaced heroes on a mission to save the planet. The band of adventurers battle Vikings, pirates, bandits, and train robbers in their race to reboot the world after a millennia of abuse by humans.

The series ends with a history wipe, a global reboot, as a dragon spirit reveals that his greatest wish is that humanity finally gets it right this time and learns how to treat the planet, suggesting that this is a story that has happened before.

Intended audience: Teen and up

Format: Full color, 28 pages, 6 5/8” x 10 1/4” (standard American comic size)

Retail price: $3.99

Country of origin: USA

Ship date: (flexible)

Order Increase Cutoff: (flexible)

UPC code: 700424367481

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